As an author I have extended this concern to the sad state of our healthcare system. Two books on the healthcare crisis, its causes and origins, hopefully point the way to restoring the proper function of medicine in our society. As in our economic and social dysfunctions, we manage the symptoms of disease without treating the cause of these maladies. The cure is in the cause.

  • Measles Mortality Eradicated by 1950 – Vaccine Deployed 1963

    Measles Mortality Eradicated by 1950 Vaccine Deployed 1963!

    The Vaccination/drug lobby often whip up hysteria to sell their products. Fear is their main tool but they do not hesitate to use deception. An example is their claim that vaccinations eliminated Measles in America, but as this graph shows In Search of History demonstrates the very opposite: Sanitation and better nutrition virtually eradicated the harm done by measles in the early 1950s in America over a decade before the measles vaccination was deployed circa 1963:

    OPT-IN for the full article on measles and the benefits and DANGERS of vaccinations by following this link to In Search of History:
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    Measles Mortality Ratres
    Measles Mortality Virtually Eradicated by 1950 Vaccine Deployed 1963


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