Truth found in the pages of history can restore our Inalienable rights: Life, Liberty, and Property.

Posted on Apr 24, 2015 in Publications

America has veered off the course our Founding Fathers set for us. We have abandoned the Declaration’s Creationist worldview and are therefore adrift in a New Dark Age. We are rapidly descending into political, moral and spiritual chaos. Blinded by greed, a lust for pleasure and power, we have exchanged our legacy of freedom and self reliance for a false security. We have sold our individual and national sovereignty to an international financial elite to whom we are in bondage. In Search of History is an attempt to recover from the pages of history those nuggets of truth that can help us restore our spiritual and moral values, which are the true foundations for reestablishing our Republic, our Constitution, our liberties and our health and well being.

Patrick Henry, 1775 Speech Give Me Liberty or Give me Death:

“We have no way of knowing the future but by the [lamp] of the past.

It’s Not “The Economy Stupid”: Treating the Symptoms

Posted on Oct 24, 2012 in Law

Voter response to the presidential debates reveal that while foreign policy and other topics are important, fixing the economy is uppermost in their minds. This is understandable. 23 million people unemployed touches many millions of families now living in fear of perpetual unemployment and decline of their material wellbeing. Mitt Romney may well introduce new policies that will grow the economy and create new jobs, as happened under Ronald Reagan. A thriving economy, with more people paying taxes will ensure more revenue to the government and more than offsets any tax-rate reductions. Kennedy and Reagan proved this.

But these measures will only treat the symptoms of a deeper metabolic dysfunction of the body politic. And, like all quick pharmaceutical fixes, the symptoms may temporarily disappear, but the underlying disease will continue to ravish the political body. Unfortunately, the saying that the money is in the medicine and not the cure, is also true in politics. Money and power is magnified by perpetuating the causes of political dependency of the mass of the people on big socialistic government.

Just as the ‘cure is to be found in the cause’ so the cure of our economic decline should be sought in the causes of our economic collapse. On one level one can trace our present economic disease to the adoption of socialistic principles a hundred years ago during the so-called progressive era from Teddy to Franklin Roosevelt. Both parties are culpable. It is true that the progressive income tax and the Federal Reserve banking system, social security and the welfare state are all planks in the Marxist/Socialist agenda and were foreign to the letter and spirit of our Constitution; but these measures were in reality only reflections of a deeper metabolic disorder in American society.

We first strayed from the religious and  moral principles, enshrined in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and which our founding fathers established for our guidance and our prosperity, before we embarked upon the road to economic serfdom and disintegration. Trading liberty for security is never an event but always a process – often indiscernible or readily excused under exigent circumstances. Unless we experience a moral restoration, no fleeting economic quick fixes will arrest American’s slide into third world status.  That moral restoration must start with the individual.  When the individual regains moral sanity, greed will diminish, fraud will stop its march through our ranks and our sound judgment and right thinking will be regained.  May God bless America.