Law and Ideology

Posted on Oct 26, 2012 in Law

A nation’s laws are never written in a vacuum. Laws reflect a nation’s value system, its priorities, its worldview and the agenda of  the ruling elite. Since liberty can only be safeguarded by eternal vigilance, we owe a solemn duty to ourselves, our countrymen, future generations and the Constitution to examine the ideology of the person running for public office. This is especially true where public virtue is a commodity declining in value; for candidates often conceal their hidden agenda and deny or coverup their ideology.  Demagogues often couch their platitudes and promises in the language of morality, progress and  liberty so as to present the appearance of good. You can bet the farm that after they are elected their true ideology will shape our laws and transform our public policy in ways we never dreamed or desire. If we continue to be gullible, we will wake up one day and find that the America we once knew was gone.